Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners in India (2022)

If you are looking for the best acoustic guitar for beginners in India, you must be quite aware that most of the popular acoustic guitar brands are not readily available in physical music instrument stores in India.

Online sellers, in the current scenario, fare somewhat better in this regard.

Nevertheless, there are some essential factors for buying the best guitar for a beginner:

  • Playability,
  • Price,
  • Tone,
  • Looks, and more.

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Based on the aforementioned factors, we have selected some of the best Acoustic Guitars in India. These are easily available and are not exorbitantly priced.

In a hurry?

Nevertheless, let’s get started with an in-depth review guide…..

Best Guitar for Beginners India [Full Round-Up]

Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners in India 2022

Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar
ToneMuddy tone. Low clarity and definition.
LooksGloss finish in black, red, etc.
PlayabilityNot bad. Small size is suitable for beginners.
Recommended StringsAlice A206 0.011 – 0.052 Light Gauge Strings
Value for moneyMedium
  • Decent price-point
  • Elegant looks
  • Playability is good enough for a beginner
  • Tone is muddy. Lacks Clarity!

The Frontier series of acoustic guitars from Kadence is one of the best guitars for beginners in India. It has a standard cut-away shape that measures 39 inches in length.

The smaller size makes it ideal for children or adults with a smaller physique.

This is a pretty decent looking guitar from the perspective of an initial learner in India. The top is laminate spruce. The bridge and fretboard are made of rosewood.

The overall playability is decent. The tone is not very loud due to its smaller size; although the projected sound lacks richness, it is more or less even. For a beginner’s ears, and especially for the price, this is quite acceptable.

It comes in various colors (black and red for instance) and a gloss finish. With a gig bag, a strap, a pack of strings, and some picks, the Kadence Frontier Series starter kit has all the essentials that a beginner guitar player requires.

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Yamaha F280

Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners in India
ToneFull and loud with good low-end
PlayabilityGood. Suited for fingerstyle.
Recommended StringsAlice A206 0.011 – 0.052 Light Gauge Strings
Value for moneyHigh
  • Value for money
  • Full tone with good volume projection
  • Good for fingerstyle
  • Plain looks

Yamaha was the first big guitar brand to have manufactured a model in India, exclusively for the Indian market. The F280 can be thought of as a younger brother to the F310. Quality-wise it is almost exactly similar. At its price point, the F280 truly impresses in every aspect.

The F280 is a full-sized dreadnought and is capable of producing ample low-end and volume projection to fill an entire room.

Its tonal clarity is comparable to the F310. This guitar is suitable for both rhythm and lead playing. It has more string spacing compared to the F310 which makes it suitable for fingerstyle.

The wood used in its construction is locally sourced except the top which is laminated spruce! While this helps in keeping the cost down, it does not make any difference in the tone as it is the top that actually matters the most. It features a Rosewood fingerboard.

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Yamaha FS80C Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FS80C Acoustic Guitar
ToneBright sounding, ample low-end
LooksNatural gloss finish
PlayabilityGood. Small size is suitable for beginners.
Recommended StringsAlice A206 0.011 – 0.052 Light Gauge Strings
Value for moneyHigh
  • Very elegant looking
  • Good bass response for a concert-sized acoustic
  • Thinner body
  • Small manufacturing inconsistencies may be present

Yamaha deserves all the credit for starting the Made-in-India guitars that are exclusive to the Indian market. This brand truly understands the needs of a beginner guitarist in India. The FS80C is another great concert-sized acoustic on this list.

Although this guitar is of a similar size as the Ibanez MD39C, it has more bass response. This is quite evident while strumming.

The low-end is well complimented by bell-like highs. Thus, in the tone department, the FS80C trumps the MD39C.

The FS80C has a laminated spruce top. The back and sides are locally sourced wood to keep it inexpensive and sustainable. The neck is also made of locally sourced wood. It has a rosewood fretboard.

The cutaway enables easy access to higher frets and the thinner body makes it easier for people with a smaller frame to play it.

There might be slight issues with string spacing and tuning knobs that are common in these made-in-India Yamaha guitars but it could be forgiven considering the budget.

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Vault EA-40 Acoustic Guitar

Vault EA-40 Acoustic Guitar
LooksBeautiful looking guitar with exotic, ashwood veneer.
PlayabilityEasy playability
Recommended StringsAlice A206 0.011 – 0.052 Light Gauge Strings
Value for moneyHigh
  • Looks like a much more expensive guitar with an exotic finish
  • Great build quality for the price
  • Even and balanced tone. Great for finger-picking.
  • Ebook guide for beginners
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • Lack of bass might be unappealing to some
  • No electronics

The first thing that will strike you about this guitar is its stunning look. A beautiful zebra pattern finish is rare for acoustic guitars in this price range in India. With a total length of 40 inches, this guitar features black, lubricated machine head tuners.

One of the more premium acoustic guitars from Vault, which is slowly making its mark in the musical instrument market in India.

Besides its stunning looks, the Vault EA-40 acoustic guitar features a cut-away and 20 playable frets. The fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood. The neck is made from basswood.

Being slightly smaller than the standard dreadnought, this guitar seems to project a well-balanced tone without showing any affinity for a particular frequency range.

This guitar comes as a bundle with a non-padded gig bag, a string winder (to make changing of strings easier), a strap, polishing micro-fiber cloth, picks, truss rod adjuster key.

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Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

ToneLoud and bass-heavy
LooksElegant natural finish
PlayabilityAction can be a little high straight out-of-the-box
Recommended StringsD’Addario EZ920 .012-.054 85/15 Bronze
Value for moneyVery High
  • Excellent guitar to start with
  • Great tone and playability
  • Good volume and projection
  • Decent looking guitar with a natural finish
  • Price is a bit high for a guitar with no electronics
  • No accessories are available as freeb

Clearly, one of the most recommended and best guitar brands for beginners in India, Yamaha F310 is highly liked by beginners and intermediate guitar players.

It is a full-bodied dreadnought that has powerful and responsive bass. The playability is sufficiently good, even for a newbie, provided it is set up correctly by a good luthier.

As expected from a full-bodied dreadnought, the guitar has amazing resonance and bass response. The tone clarity is also surprisingly good for an all-laminate guitar.

The body features a natural gloss finish. The neck, back, and sides are made of locally sourced tone-wood (usually nato and meranti). The top is of laminate spruce. The tuners have a chrome finish. The fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood for greater sustain.

In our recommendation, this is by far the best acoustic guitar in India.

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Cort AD810-OP Acoustic Guitar

Cort AD810-OP Acoustic Guitar
ToneLoud and clear with sweet bells and a tight bass
LooksSimple veneer design
PlayabilityPlayable straight out-of-the-box
Recommended StringsD’Addario EZ920 .012-.054 85/15 Bronze
Value for moneyVery High
  • Good tone clarity
  • Looks stunning with a pickguard
  • Loud volume
  • Nice playability
  • No electronics

Cort has found the magic recipe to satiate the diversified demands of beginner Indian guitarists. A lot of low-end models are available from the manufacturer at a reasonable price. The AD810-OP, however, is very special.

This guitar truly delivers quite a punch for its pricing. As a guitar manufacturer that has been in the market for half a century, Cort has designed this model, keeping in mind the requirements of a beginner.

A laminate spruce top and mahogany back and sides produce sweet bell-like tones, with a tight bass response to hold everything in place. The guitar has a rosewood bridge and fretboard. Die-cast chrome-coloured tuners have been used by Cort. The neck has a dove-tail joint.

This is a standard dreadnought sized guitar. The volume projection is as loud as expected. “OP” in the name stands for open pores, which means that it does not have a thick finish. This improves the tone and increases sustain.

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Fender CD-60 Dread V3

ToneRich and balanced
PlayabilityAction could be a little high
Recommended StringsD’Addario EZ920 .012-.054 85/15 Bronze
Value for moneyHigh
  • Brand value of Fender
  • Rich and balanced tone
  • Good build quality
  • Some models could be made in China depending on your luck
  • Action might need some adjustment after purchase

Fender has been associated with super high-priced electric guitars for so long that sometimes we forget that they also have a few beginner acoustic guitars with rather impressive specs. This one is one of the best beginner guitars that you can go for.

The CD-60 V3 is a revamped version of one such model. This could be a great option for beginners who are serious about learning the instrument and looking for a long-term investment.

The use of two complimentary woods imparts a rich and balanced tone with striking clarity. Fender acoustics may not be the most playable straight out of the box. However, you can take it to any local technician for a full-setup. This will ensure that the guitar has a suitable action.

Quality-wise, Fender has left no stones unturned. The top is laminated spruce while the back and sides are laminated mahogany.

The fingerboard is made of walnut. Beware though, there are some counterfeit models being sold online. Always crosscheck your purchased guitar with images on the Fender website.

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Epiphone Pro–1 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone Pro–1 Acoustic Guitar
ToneGood tonal clarity and balanced sound
LooksAvailable in two-tone sunburst, black, etc.
PlayabilityVery easy to play with special fretboard lubricants from Epiphone
Recommended StringsD’Addario EZ920 .012-.054 85/15 Bronze
Value for moneyVery High
  • Great looking guitar
  • Easily playable action and neck profile
  • Tonal clarity is decent
  • No electronics for the price
  • Tuning knobs are plastic

As we gradually move up our expenses, the options get significantly better and the list of features goes up.

Epiphone is one of the guitar brands that have been inspired by guitar giant Gibson. The model designs have distinct similarities with Gibson but are available at a price that is affordable for the average beginner guitarist.

The Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar is aimed specifically at beginners who want fast results from practice. The fretboard is specially lubricated to enhance playability.

The action is usually low straight out of the box. A thin neck profile also makes gripping easier for beginners. The tonal clarity is amazing and sound projection and sustain are also quite commendable.

This model comes in different colours like gloss black or two-tone sunburst finish. The saddle is from Graphene Nu-bone and, therefore, provides good sustain to the tone.

Conventional bridge pins are absent, and instead, a pin-less string-through system is present. This makes it easier to put on a new pack of strings on the guitar. The plastic tuning knobs are about the only letdown in this model.

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Yamaha FX310A Acoustic Guitar

ToneLoud and bass-heavy
LooksElegant natural finish
PlayabilityAction can be a little high straight out-of-the-box
ElectronicsOn-board pickup and preamp with line-out
Recommended StringsD’Addario EZ920 .012-.054 85/15 Bronze
Value for moneyVery High
  • Has great tone like the Yamaha F310
  • Stage ready with onboard pickup and preamp system
  • Onboard equalizer provides greater freedom for tone control while plugged in
  • Good for beginners who have long term goals
  • Some players might prefer to trade the electronics for a solid wood top at this price point

Yamaha guitars are really popular in India because of the quality that they provide at a relatively low price-point. This one has got all of the characteristics to be one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners in India.

The previously mentioned Yamaha F310 is considered to be UK’s bestselling acoustic guitar. The Yamaha FX310A acoustic guitar is the electro-acoustic version of Yamaha F310.

Since acoustically, the FX310 and F310 are essentially the same guitars, we shall only discuss the additional features of the FX310. Being an electro-acoustic, the Yamaha FX310 has an under-saddle pickup system with a System 53 – Active 3 preamp.

It can be connected to an amplifier and does not require an external microphone during performances.

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There is a 3 band equalizer and volume control with an LED indicator for the battery. Any standard 9V battery pack can be used to power the electronic system of this guitar.

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Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar
ToneWell balanced and bright
BodySolid spruce top
LooksElegant natural finish
PlayabilityVery easy to play
Recommended StringsD’AddarioEXP14 Coated Bronze .012-.056 Light Medium Strings
Value for moneyVery High
  • Top-notch tone for the price range
  • Only solid top guitar in the list
  • Build quality and playability is awesome
  • No electronics
  • Expensive

Clearly, so many Yamahas in the list means that the company is doing something right in the Indian market.

The Yamaha FG 800 is the only guitar on this list to feature a solid top. This means that the top of the guitar body is not a laminate but a solid piece of wood. This itself is a justification for the price tag.

The body features a solid spruce top and laminate mahogany back and sides. A solid spruce top ensures that the projection is bright, and the mahogany back and sides complement this with a darker and warmer effect on the tone.

The tuners are of high quality. Scalloped bracing makes the sound very focused, and even the slightest dynamics in the volume are heard clearly.

Many guitars in this price range may offer built-in electronics, which the Yamaha FG 800 does not, but in terms of tone, it cannot be beaten. For beginners who have already decided to invest in a long term option, Yamaha FG800 is the best choice.

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Our verdict for the Best Beginner Acoustic Guitar India:

Overall Winner:

The Yamaha F310 is the clear winner for the Best Guitar for Beginners here due to its amazing tone, volume projection, and playability. This has been the guitar of choice for beginners and even intermediate players over many years.

Budget Pick:

Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar is a decent acoustic guitar for beginners with a tight budget.

What To Look For in Guitars For Beginners

Keeping in mind that every guitar player has a dream while starting out, here are a few tips that might help you find the best beginner acoustic guitar India that is perfectly suited for you:


As a beginner, you should ask yourself what you want from your guitar playing.

Do you want to keep it as just a hobby that makes you joyful and happy? You should decide on your budget accordingly. Also, you can always buy more later.

Starting out with the cheapest option might seem wiser. It has its downsides, however. Guitars can be made at very cheap prices by compromising on the most important things: tone and playability.


Every acoustic guitar is built differently and, therefore each guitar has its signature sound.

If we combine this with the unique touch of every guitar player, it creates something new called tone. As a guitar player who is just starting out, you might wonder how you can judge good guitar tone.

Several factors affect the guitar tone. The most important things to consider are: tone-wood, neck-wood, and fretboard.

Another important thing affecting guitar tone is it’s build. For a beginner, the guitar should have an even tone. It should not have a heavy low end (bass) that muffles the other frequencies of the guitar. It also should not be too bright and thin-sounding.



It is the pressure of your fingertips that ultimately produces a musical note on the guitar.

The distance between the strings and the wooden board underneath (called the “fretboard”) is called guitar action. Higher the action, the greater the distance between the strings and the fretboard.

A beginner usually finds a lower action much easier to play. Also, the wood used for the fretboard determines playability.

Commonly used fretboard wood are: rosewood, maple, and ebony. Rosewood and ebony have open pores and are used without any finish on them.

Maple fretboards usually have a lacquer or coating on them. This also affects playability to some extent. Other factors like fretboard radius, neck thickness, and string gauge (thickness), play a role.


Whether the body is made of laminate wood (cheaper and more durable) or solid wood (richer tone that improves with age of the guitar), the type of tone-wood used has a very prominent effect on the tone or type of sound that you hear from the guitar.


Sitka spruce and mahogany are relatively cheaper options for tone-wood. Sitka spruce has a brighter sound than mahogany, in general.

A laminate build would be the wiser choice for a beginner guitar player in India.

This is not just because it is cheaper, but also because it is more durable and resistant to changes in weather, temperature, and humidity in particular.

Solid-body guitars are slightly difficult to maintain, especially for a beginner.



Acoustic guitar comes in a variety of shapes: dreadnought, parlour, cutaway, folk, etc. are some of the terms that you will hear when an acoustic guitar body shape is described.

The best guitar for beginner would be the ones with a smaller body size. A cut-away at the bottom makes the guitar easier to play up the fretboard.


It is ultimately the vibrations produced in the strings that cause the guitar body to resonate and produce the colourful sounds that we expect from an acoustic guitar.


Based on the type of strings used, acoustic guitars are categorized into Classical guitars and Steel-Stringed guitars.

Classical guitars use nylon strings. They are easier on the fingers because of being softer. The tone produced is less bright and more mellow. Fingerstyle picking techniques are common on this type of guitar. The fretboard is wider, however, and takes a while to get used to it.

Steel-stringed acoustic guitars are the more common ones. The topmost strings have windings made up of metallic alloys like bronze or phosphor bronze. The bottom two strings do not have any windings on them. Steel-strings impart a brighter and crispier tone with more sustain.

These acoustic guitars are more versatile and are preferred for rhythm-based styles or as accompaniment for vocals. They are tougher on the fingers, though.



That’s right! Electronics are not reserved for electric guitars alone.

The recent surge in the popularity of acoustic guitars, at the forefront of the music industry, has forced acoustic guitar brands to look for better ways to capture the sound of the acoustic guitar.

Most guitar brands provide some kind of electronic system that is a combination of electronic pickups and/or microphones. Some are provided onboard equalizers to have additional control over the output tone.

The most useful electronic add-on for a beginner is a digital tuner. Of course, this comes at an increased price, but for any guitar player, a tuner is very important. This is because guitar strings tend to go out of tune often. Even more so in cheaper instruments.

Some Words of Advice

Our advice would be to shortlist and try out a couple of guitars before settling down for the one.

Although the popularity of guitar as an instrument has been increasing throughout India, the variety of brands and models to choose from are few and far between, as are decent music instrument stores.

Fortunately, online stores have very flexible return policies these days. This eliminates the chances of getting stuck with the wrong instrument as you can always return it and get your money back.

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