10 Best Electric Guitar in India 2022

Starting out with an acoustic surely has some benefits. However, if you want to progress faster as a beginner, an electric guitar is the way forward because of its inherent ease of playing. The chords are easy to hold and bending notes is relatively easier than on an acoustic.

Think of it in this way: if you go to a gym for the first time and start your weight training, your trainer would always suggest lifting lighter weights in order to get used to the process. Starting out with an electric guitar has a similar effect. It is not only easier on your fingers but progress is also faster.

But while purchasing your first and the best electric guitar for you, there are certain factors that need to be considered before taking the plunge like the shape of the guitar, the tone, the playability, and more.

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We have added a comprehensive Buying Guide along with a FAQs section that can help you pick the Best Electric Guitars in India.

List of Best Electric Guitar for Beginners in India 2022


Pickups (Neck/ Middle/ Bridge)

Single/ Single/ Single

Single/ Single/ Single

Single / None/ Humbucker

Single/ Single/ Humbucker 

Single/ Single/ Humbucker

Single/ Single/ Humbucker

Single/ Single/ Single

Humbucker/  None/ Humbucker

Humbucker/  None/ Humbucker

Single/ None/ Single


Blues, Jazz

Blues, Jazz

Blues, Jazz, Hard Rock

Blues, Jazz, Hard Rock

Blues, Neo Soul, Hard rock and Metal

Blues, Jazz, Hard Rock, Metal

Blues, Jazz, Hard Rock

Hard Rock, Metal

Blues, Jazz, Metal

Blues, Classic rock


Clear clean and overdriven tones

Clear clean and overdriven tones

Clear and crisp

Thin and projecting clean tone, crunchy overdriven tone

Fat clean tones and crunchy/heavy overdriven tones

Clean, crunchy and heavy

Smooth clean tones and crunchy overdriven tones

Heavy and crunchy

Heavy and crunchy

Mid-boosted tone with overwound bridge pickups




10 Best Electric Guitars in India 2022

Juarez JRZ-ST01 Electric Guitar

best electric guitars in india
ToneClear clean and overdriven tones
BodyLinden wood
LooksGloss finish
Pickup TypeSingle coils
GenreBlues, Jazz
Recommended StringsAlice A506 Electric guitar Strings
Recommended AmplifierPALCO 15W
Value for moneyMedium
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Comes with a gig bag, cable and other accessories
  • Tuning stability is bad. There might be intonation issue.

The Juarez JRZ-ST01 electric guitar has a Linden wood body (gloss finish) with a maple neck. There are 22 playable frets and the fret wires are made of nickel chrome. The neck is bolted onto the body via a metal plate.

This style of bolt-on neck is reminiscent of the 70’s Fender Stratocaster model. The fingerboard is made of rosewood and white plastic inlays are present as fret markers.

The guitar measures 38 inches in length from the headstock to the bottom of the body. The headstock features chrome die-cast tuners. The factory-fitted strings are not very good and a decent string set has to be purchased for better playability and tone.

The guitar, being a copy of the Fender strat, has three single-coil pickups and similar controls for tone and volume. There are two knobs for tone and one for volume/gain. There is also a pickup selector switch to select which of the three pickups or combination of pickups (neck, middle, bridge) are active.

The guitar has a pretty decent clean tone with the characteristic humming noise of ceramic single-coil pickups. Overdriven (high gain) sounds are decent too. Tuning stability is not that great and even the slightest use of the tremolo arm can put this guitar out of tune.

As far as playability goes, this guitar has a pretty low action that is ideal for beginner guitar players. Although, it is advisable to get it set up by a good luthier after purchase to level frets, correct intonation issues, and adjust the neck.

This guitar comes in a combo pack consisting of neck and saddle adjustment Allen keys, a cheap gig bag, a low-quality guitar cable, a strap, and some picks.

This guitar can be used for genres like blues, jazz, and hard rock. If you are a metalhead, this might not be the best choice.

RockJam RJEG02 Electric Guitar

best electric guitars in india
ToneClear clean and overdriven tones
LooksHigh gloss finish
Pickup TypeSingle-coils
GenreBlues, Jazz
Recommended StringsAlice A506 Electric guitar Strings
Recommended AmplifierComes with a 10W ampifier
Value for moneyMedium
  • Good playability
  • 10W amplifier is included in the price
  • Tuning stability is bad

The RockJam RJEG02 is one of the few electric guitars that come as a combo (including an amplifier) at a super inexpensive price range. This guitar features a basswood body. The body has a high gloss finish.

Die-cast chrome tuners are present on the headstock. The fretboard is made of engineered rosewood and the neck is made of maple with a lacquered finish. The guitar is 39 inches in length and has a tremolo bridge.     

It has a standard Stratocaster shape with three single coil pickups. There are two tone knobs and one volume knob. The pickup selector switch is used to select between bridge, middle and neck positions.

Since the combo pack features a 10W amplifier along with the guitar itself, it is mostly ready to play out of the box. The amplifier provided is decent enough for beginners, with a single input channel for the guitar and settings for tone.

It also features an overdrive switch for turning on distortion. Both clean and overdriven tones are quite decent on this guitar. Tuning stability is decent but vigorous use of the tremolo arm is not advisable.

The frets are of decent quality. However, the neck might need some adjustment after purchase. Any decent guitar shop can help with this. Playability is pretty good due to the lacquered maple neck. However, some players do not prefer lacquer on the neck. String action is decent for beginner guitar players.

As already mentioned, this guitar comes with a 10W amplifier. This is a huge bonus for the price. It also comes with a non-padded gig bag, a strap, a guitar cable, and picks.

Single coil pickups make this guitar suitable for genres like blues, jazz, and hard-rock.

Vault TL1 Electric Guitar

best electric guitars for beginners in india
ToneClear and crisp
BodyBasswood (denser)
LooksTwo tone colour with veneered finish
Pickup TypeSingle-coils
GenreBlues, jazz, hard rock
Recommended StringsD’Addario EXL 110 10-46
Recommended AmplifierStranger Cube 20
Value for moneyHigh
  • Dual-action truss road makes neck adjustment easy
  • Tone versatility
  • Good playability
  • No accessories provided with the guitar

Vault is a name that is slowly but steadily rising in the Indian market. They make all kinds of decent musical instruments that reflect quality at a low price-point.

The TL1 is a telecaster-style electric guitar that is suitable for beginners and one of the cheapest Electric guitars in India. Just like the RockJam RJEG02, the TL1 has a basswood body.

The fretboard has vintage-styled jumbo frets. Chrome barrel saddle with a string-through system makes it very beginner-friendly. There is no tremolo block as it is based on a telecaster.

However, the wood seems to be slightly denser as the overall weight of this guitar is more. The fretboard can be of either maple or rosewood. The neck is of thinly lacquered Maplewood. The Nickel die-cast tuners have a 14:1 gear ratio. A Dual-truss adjustment system is present.

Just like any other telecaster-styled guitar, the TL1 has two pickups. The neck pickup is single-coiled, while the bridge pickup is a humbucker. There are two knobs – one each for tone and volume.

Since it has both single and humbucker pickups, the TL1 is pretty versatile in terms of the tones it can produce. The noise hum, present on guitars with three single coils, is significantly reduced in case of the TL1. Also, the high output bridge humbucker pickup ensures good overdriven tones.

Vault has ensured good playability on all their instruments so far. The TL1 is no exception. The setup is pretty decent straight out of the box. The action is low and there is usually no string buzz due to the high-quality factory setup. The C-profile of the neck enhances playability and comfort.

This guitar, however, does not usually come with any other accessories.

This is a pretty versatile guitar and can be used for a wide range of genres from blues to heavy metal.

Fender Bullet-HSS Squier Electric Guitar

Fender Bullet-HSS Squier Electric Guitar
ToneThin and projecting clean tone, crunchy overdriven tone
LooksGloss, single and two tone finish
Pickup TypeSingle-coils
GenreBlues, Jazz, hard rock
Recommended StringsD’Addario EXL 120 9-42
Recommended AmplifierMarshall MG15CF
Value for moneyHigh
  • Great tone for the price
  • Good tuning stability
  • Available as a guitar-amplifier combo from Fender
  • No tremolo block

No electric guitar list can exclude this brand. Fender has remained one of the biggest names in the industry. Their signature Stratocaster and telecaster models have become the very face of electric guitar.

Almost every professional guitar player owns a Fender. The Fender Squier series comprises of relatively inexpensive guitars for players who are just starting out, as well as intermediate players.

The Bullet-HSS Squier features a basswood body and chrome hardware finish. The body has a gloss finish, available in two-tone and single tone colours. It has a maple neck and Indian laurel fingerboard with white dot inlays. It has a hard-tail non-tremolo bridge with a string through system just like most Strats.

As the name suggests, the pickup configuration is humbucker-single-single from bridge to neck. The high output humbucker at the bridge gives it even more versatility in terms of tone than an average Stratocaster.

Two knobs are dedicated for tone and one knob is present for volume/gain. The switches are of good quality and do not contribute to any noise. A five-way pickup selector switch is present beside the three knobs.

The low mid-range of this guitar is phenomenal for this price. Tonal clarity is really good. The basswood body ensures a full and warm tone characteristic of blues players like Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc. Overdriven sounds are also good thanks to the humbucker present at the bridge.

Playability and tuning stability is pretty good. Right out of the box, this guitar holds tuning and there is no buzzing (although some setup may be required initially). Tuning stability is great because of the lack of tremolo block.

The c-shaped profile ensures a comfortable hold for beginners. The fretboard has a 9.5” radius similar to that of vintage Strats, which makes bending strings much easier.

This guitar comes as a guitar-amplifier combo from Fender, at a higher price. The guitar can also be purchased separately at a much lower price without any accessories.

This guitar is suited mainly for blues/jazz/neo styles. However, it can also be used for genres like hard-rock due to the H-S-S configuration.

Ibanez GSA60

best electric guitars for beginners in india
ToneFat clean tones and crunchy/heavy overdriven tones
LooksMatte black
Pickup TypeHumbucker(Bridge)-Single-Single
GenreBlues, Neo Soul, Hard rock and Metal
Recommended StringsD’Addario EXL 120 9-42
Recommended AmplifierFender Champion 2 40W
Value for moneyHigh
  • Versatile tones due to H-S-S config
  • Matte black looks
  • Great playability due to C-profile neck and low action
  • Plastic nut (Could be replaced with a bone nut later for a reasonable price)

Ibanez is known for making electric guitars that are specifically targeted towards hard rock and heavy metal players. The GSA60, on the contrary, is a very versatile guitar.

It can not only be used for the heavier genres but also for playing Blues, Neo Soul, or Jazz due to its HSS pickup configuration.

If you select the neck and middle pickups, then it almost sounds like a Stratocaster with all the bells and twangs. With an Agathis body, it looks great with a matte black finish. It has a classic string-through tremolo block with chrome hardware.

The bridge pickup is a humbucker and the middle and neck pickups are single coils. The GSA60 is capable of a variety of tones suited for many different genres. It features a 5-way selector switch to choose between various combinations of the pickups.

The C-shaped neck profile is ideal for fast playing and makes the guitar very comfortable to hold. The action on the GSA60 is as low as it gets.

It is always a good idea to check with sellers on whether the guitar gets shipped with a carrying case and additional accessories or not.

Overall, this is an excellent guitar for beginners who don’t want their playing to be restricted to a single genre.

Yamaha PACIFICA 012 Electric Guitar

Yamaha PACIFICA 012 Electric Guitar
ToneSmooth clean tones and crunchy/heavy overdriven tones
LooksPolyurethane finish
Pickup TypeHumbucker(Bridge)-Single-Single
GenreBlues, Jazz, Hard rock and Metal
Recommended StringsD’Addario EXL 120 9-42
Recommended AmplifierFender Champion 2 40W
Value for moneyVery High
  • Versatile tones due to H-S-S config
  • Premium quality finish
  • Great playability due to C-profile neck and low action
  • Alder would have been a better choice for the body rather than Agathis/Nato

If there is one beginner electric guitar that can give the Fender Squier a run for its money, then it is the Yamaha Pacifica. Moreover, Yamaha is one of the most popular and trusted guitar brands in India.

With a Nato/Agathis body, Rosewood fretboard, and maple neck, the Pacifica looks absolutely stunning for its price-point. It has 21 frets and a Stratocaster-style body with a polyurethane finish.

It features a traditional string-through bridge with a vintage tremolo system. The tuners and the bridge have a classic chrome finish.

The Pacifica boasts of an H-S-S pickup system with a Humbucker at the bridge position. This makes it very versatile tone-wise. Just like any other strat, it has a 5-position selector switch to select between different combinations of the three pickups.

Beginners will find this guitar to be very playable. The action is almost always low enough without any setup. However, in some cases, it might need a few adjustments after purchase.

The lacquer on the maple neck is just enough not to cause any hindrance while playing. The C-shape neck profile is easy to hold for most hands.

This guitar may or may not be available as a bundle with a gig-bag and other goodies, depending on where you buy it from.

Overall, this is a very versatile guitar that can be used for both Blues/Jazz and Hard Rock due to the H-S-S configuration.

Fender AFFINITY Telecaster Electric Guitar

Fender AFFINITY Telecaster Electric Guitar
ToneSmooth clean tones and crunchy overdriven tones
LooksPolyurethane finish
Pickup TypeSingle coils
GenreBlues, Jazz and Hard rock
Recommended StringsD’Addario EXL 120 9-42
Recommended AmplifierFender Mustang
Value for moneyVery High
  • Elegant looks of a Telecaster
  • Simple controls
  • Great playability due to C-profile neck and medium jumbo frets
  • No accessories provided on purchase

The Squier Affinity series from Fender is very popular amongst guitarists that are looking to venture into the world of electric guitars.

At a low to medium price point, the Squier Affinity series provides top-notch products. The Fender Affinity Telecaster is no exception. It is our winner in this list and one of the best electric guitars for beginners.

The body is made of solid alder. This guitar has 21 frets with a maple, bolt-on neck, and an Indian Laurel fretboard with black dot inlays. It consists of a six-saddle, top-load bridge where strings are held at the bridge and do not go through the body.

The body has a polyurethane finish. The tuners and other hardware have a chrome finish.

It has a classic Telecaster pickup configuration. Both the bridge and the neck pickups are vintage-style single coils. The pickup selector switch has three positions. The middle position selects both pickups for a humbucker effect and the other two positions are for the neck and bridge respectively.

The overall playability of this guitar is very good. The tuning stability is good, especially due to the absence of tremolo.

The satin urethane finish on the neck gives it a smooth feel. The C-profiled neck makes it easier to hold. Medium jumbo frets make fretting a note very easy for beginner guitar players.

This guitar does not come with any additional accessories with its purchase.

The Fender Affinity Telecaster is best used for genres like Blues and Hard rock.

Cort CR250VB Classic Rock Series Electric Guitar

ToneHeavy and crunchy
BodyMahogany with maple top
LooksFlamed finish
Pickup TypeHumbuckers
GenreHard rock, heavy metal
Recommended StringsD’Addario EXL 110 10-46
Recommended AmplifierFender Champion 2 40W
Value for moneyMedium
  • Alnico pickups provide a great tone
  • Look and feel is premium
  • Playability is excellent
  • No accessories provided

This model, from the classic rock series of Cort, features a Mahogany body. The top, back and sides have a flamed maple finish that adds to the beauty of this guitar.

It has 22 medium-sized frets with rectangular, white, pearl inlays on the fretboard. The fretboard is made of rosewood. This guitar has a set-neck construction. The hardware has a nickel finish with vintage-styled tuners on the headstock.

The guitar has 2 humbuckers just like any other Les Paul style guitar. Alnico pickups with custom gauge coils produce a warm tone characteristic of the classic rock era of the 80s. There are four knobs for tone and volume for each individual pickup. A three-way pickup selector switch is present at the top.

This guitar has a premium feel and touch to it. The action is pretty low and fretwork is generally good straight out of the factory. It is really an ideal guitar for any beginner to start with.

The guitar does not come with any accessories on purchase.

CR250VB is a very versatile guitar suited for most genres. However, it is best suited for hard rock and heavy metal.

ESP LTD EC256 Electric Guitar

ToneHeavy and crunchy
LooksLemon drop flame finish
Pickup TypeHumbuckers with coil-split circuit for single-coil effect
GenreBlues, Jazz, metal
Recommended StringsD’Addario EXL 110 10-46
Recommended AmplifierBoss Katana MK1 50W
Value for moneyVery High
  • Extra jumbo frets make playability much better
  • Classic rock era looks makes it very appealing
  • Split-coil circuit makes it very versatile
  • A bit expensive for beginners

Combine a Mahogany body with a flame veneer top and a lemon drop finish, and you get a guitar that truly resembles the classic rock era of the 80s. The LTD EC256 features a 3-piece mahogany set-neck.

The body is thinner than the average Les Paul styled guitar. The neck has a U-shaped profile. The fretboard, made out of blackwood, has 22 extra-jumbo frets with a 14-inch radius.

It is also wonderfully decorated with trapezoidal pearl inlays. All hardware on this guitar has a chrome finish.

As far as electronics are concerned, this guitar, like all other Les Paul guitars, has two ESP-designed humbuckers.

However, it also features a push/pull coil split circuit. This enables the guitarist to split the humbucker into single coils for a Strat-like tone. The overdriven tones are very chunky and clear.

However, it might be a little too bass-heavy at times. There are three knobs for tone and volume control. A three-way pickup selector switch is present at the top.

The playability is very good due to the jumbo frets and the U-shaped profile of the neck.

This guitar is a very versatile instrument. It can be used for a variety of genres like blues, jazz, hard rock, and heavy metal, thanks to the coil-split circuit.

Epiphone Les Paul SL 6

Epiphone Les Paul SL 6
ToneMid-boosted tone with overwound bridge pickups
LooksTwo-tone sunburst
Pickup TypeSingle(overwound)-Single
GenreBlues, Classic rock
Recommended StringsD’Addario EXL 120 9-42
Recommended AmplifierMarshall MG15CF
Value for moneyHigh
  • Great Playability
  • Classic looks of a Les Paul
  • Overwound bridge pickups
  • Alder body
  • No humbucker

Although the SL6 is shaped like a Les Paul, it is more of a Telecaster in terms of tonal characteristics. The two-tone sunburst makes it a very appealing guitar. With two ceramic single coils, the SL6 is good for genres like Blues and Country.

It has a fixed bridge setup which means no tremolo but greater tuning stability than Stratocasters in this price range. The only similarities with an actual Les Paul are the body shape and the shorter scale length of 24.75inch. It is one of few budget guitars with an alder body.

Both the neck and bridge pickups are single coils. This makes its tone similar to the classic Telecaster. It has a three-way pickup selector switch and two-tone knobs.

Coupled with the shorter scale length of a Les Paul and Epiphone’s 60s SlimTaper neck profile, the SL6 is ideals for players with smaller hands. The high-ratio tuners ensure tuning is easy and accurate but also very stable.

Overall, this guitar is great for Blues and country but due to the hot output of the overwound bridge pickups, it can also be used for heavier genres like classic rock.


Although, it really depends on personal choice, the following guitars can be considered as winners, based on factors like tone, price, and playability:

What To Look For

As an aspiring guitarist looking to just start out, you might have been advised against starting with an electric guitar – this is one of the biggest myths about learning this instrument.

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Keeping in mind the needs of a beginner guitarist in India, we have compiled a list of things to look for while buying an electric guitar for the first time:



Electric guitars come in various shapes. The “Stratocaster” shaped electric guitar is by far the most recognizable and popular shape all over the world because it looks really cool.

However, the shape of an electric guitar is not just meant for aesthetics. The shape has a very important role to play in playability.

Electric guitars have a much thinner body than acoustics. In order to lock it in position while playing (sitting-down), cutaways at positions where it rests on your thighs are important.

Make sure that you try to play the guitar while sitting and see if it is comfortable enough for you.



The pickups are the magnets present on the body underneath the strings. These are electromagnets that generate a tiny electrical signal (hence the name) due to the vibrating strings. Naturally, these sensors are very important in shaping the final tone that is produced by the guitar.

Broadly, there are two kinds of pickups: single coil and humbuckers (double coil). Single coil pickups are thinner sounding and slightly noisier. They are excellent for cutting through the sound of other instruments.

Humbuckers, on the other hand, have a heavier tone. The output levels are much higher than that of single coils. Humbuckers are less noisy as the two coils cancel each other out.

Pickups are usually selected on the basis of the type of music that you are interested in playing. Blues and Jazz players often prefer single coils (not always!) for the projection and clarity that they provide.

Metal, progressive rock, and other heavier genres require high output humbucker pickups.



Playability is the single most important factor to be considered by a beginner. Bad playability can often discourage a beginner and lead them to quit altogether.

Guitar action (height of strings above the fretboard) has to be low enough for good playability and high enough not to cause buzzing. The fretboard should be smooth enough to not cause any unnecessary hindrance while playing.

In an electric guitar, the switches and knobs should be present in an area, such that, they should be easily reachable by the player’s strumming hand.



The bridge is the part on the guitar body which holds the strings in place. There are several different types of bridges available: tremolo, Floyd rose etc.

The main things that a beginner should consider are: how well it holds the tuning and how easy it is to change strings.

Usually, string through mechanisms in tremolo bridges are easiest to operate but are not as good in terms of tuning stability. Floyd Rose bridges are much better at holding tuning.

Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to change strings on a Floyd rose system due to the tuning locks present on the bridge.

Heavier bridges are costlier but provide greater sustain.



Tuners are the geared mechanisms present at the head of the guitar. The entire tension of the strings is held between the tuners and the bridge. Hence, tuners also play a very important role in tuning stability.

There are lots of different types of tuners but they can be broadly categorized into two variants: locking and non-locking.

Locking tuners have an added mechanism that can hold the string at a set tuning. They are expensive, however. Good, non-locking tuners can provide decent tuning stability at a much lower price.



Tone of an electric guitar depends on several variables. Pickups affect tone to a great extent. The type of tonewood used also has an effect on the tone.

It is very difficult to classify the tone of an electric guitar as good or bad. It really depends on personal preference and taste. As a general rule of thumb, electric guitars with a muddy mid-range are not preferred.

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Another good test for an electric guitar is to check how good it sounds without plugging into an amplifier. If it sounds loud and bright with a good sustain when unplugged, it should sound great when plugged in unless the pickups are really bad.

Some Words of Advice

Electric guitars and acoustic guitars might be fundamentally similar in many ways, but they are different instruments in terms of playability and tone. Hence, the selection criteria are quite different.

A Stratocaster or a Telecaster sounds different from a Les Paul. This does not mean that one is inferior or superior to each other in any way. They cannot be compared. They are meant for different things.

Before selecting your first electric guitar, you should be clear about the genre of music that you want to start with. If you are into hard rock sub-genres like metal, heavy metal, death metal etc., then you might want to go for a Les Paul. Genres like blues, Jazz and Reggae sound best with Strats and Teles.

This does not mean that you cannot play Blues on a Les Paul. Many performing artists use a Les Paul for Blues. However, as a beginner, having the right kind of tone will make the learning process much more fun and rewarding.


If you have decided that electric guitar is the way forward for you, then there must be a lot of questions going through your mind.

“What kind of an electric guitar should I begin with?”

When you are a beginner, you should begin with an electric guitar that has minimal controls (knobs and switches) and has good playability.

A “Telecaster” or “Stratocaster” shaped guitar can be a good starting point. They are very easy to play and the controls are simple and straightforward. Although some also prefer a Les Paul shape.

“What other things do I need apart from the guitar itself?”

You will barely hear an electric guitar when you play it by itself. It is highly recommended that you buy an amplifier along with it. Nowadays, solid-state amplifiers have become very inexpensive and easy to maintain. Small portable amplifiers are also available in online guitar stores in India.

“What are the gadgets and devices that professionals use with an electric guitar?”

The gadgets that you see are called pedals. As a newbie, you don’t have to worry about them. Think of them as optional enhancements for tone and effect. An electric guitar sounds quite amazing even without pedals. They can always be added later on.

“Will it be too loud for bedroom practice?”

A good thing about electric guitars is that they don’t produce much sound themselves. Rather an amplifier-speaker system produces the sound. An amplifier always comes with a gain/volume knob to control output volume to the desired level. It might even come with a headphone-out.

 “What should be a good budget?”

Electric guitar and amplifiers are available at varied price ranges. You can get both an electric guitar and an amplifier for under ₹10000. This can go up to lakhs of Rupees. It really depends on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend.

Our list of electric guitars for beginners in India has the best instruments that are available at a low to moderate price point.

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